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You Probably Won't Get Much Done At 4AM

How to have fun as an adult — Giddy🌍🇨🇦 (@giddywillz) June 17, 2022 …the thoughts you’re avoiding are usually giving you feedback. There is something in your life you’re uncomfortable with, something you need to change. Start listening to them. It might be depressing or

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Commitio Cordis

commotio cordis = chest blunt trauma + time in heart cycle (extremely rare set of conditions, a black swan type event)

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Walk: With Your Chest Held High Because It's Energy Efficient

Pushing off from the toes and buttocks of each alternating “back leg” supports the spine, lifts the chest, and imparts a sense of power, ease, and confidence. (Location 738) walking is so energy efficient, it takes months or years for small doses of exercise to add up to substantial weight

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Posture is a Dynamic Activity

Cultivate healthy posture through a process of self-study. You will need to create new sense memories for what feels balanced and stable through the means suggested in the following chapters. Remember that your posture is a dynamic activity, not a static position you can assume and then forget about. Your

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Muscles: Outer Vs Deeper

Our muscles wrap around our skeletons in layers, like layers of clothing. In general, the outer muscle layers produce the visible motions of the arms, legs, and trunk, while deeper muscles provide support for joints and internal organs. Contraction of these deep muscles lets us create the stability we need