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If One of the Ying Yang Twins Had Narcolepsy

INT. YING-YANG MUSIC VIDEO SET - EVENING The actors take their places on set, an actress sits in the middle of empty set on a black couch, Ying Yang twins off set. Twin #1 is snoring in chair, is abruptly awakened by Twin #2 shaking his shoulder. Twin 2: Aye

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A Hard Af Coffeezilla Transition

INT. COFFEEZILLA HQ CoffeeZilla: This crypto grifter (202212170120) will be getting away with it again, Internet justice has been served, but unfortunately ladies and gentleman, it seems that this is as far as it goes. …You know what? No. No! EXT. OUTSIDE NEXT TO COP CAR Lights flashing against CoffeeZilla's

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Any Lock Picking Scene in Any Big Budget Hollywood Action Flick

In any "ancient history/spy" action film you might expect to see these familiar scenes… Scenario 1: Modern Lock with Benefit of Hundreds of Years of Modern Lock Technology INT: Some Rich Dude's Vault, Probably Male Lead: Damn, it's locked. Female Lead: Don't worry. takes hairpin that's holding up her

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Action Movie Morality

Totally unexplainable reasoning. INT: Some Final Showdown with {BOSS VILLAIN HERE}, Probably in the Unlocked Throne Room 202212251336 Male Lead: You killed my brother! I can't forgive you for that, {BOSS VILLAIN HERE}, you murderer!! Villain: Haha, I…wait, are you serious? Male Lead: Serious about what? Villain: Well, I