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Another Blue Lock Reveal?

seems pretty suspicious they would draw those shadowy guys in the back![1] They all got those overly dramatic anime poses too, like: Calendar/Daily/2022-12-18: at time of writing -- Argentina narrowly cinched the world cup over France irl ↩︎

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The Ol' Eight-ball Hari-kari

still my all time fave commentary moment. insane — dak (@weeniebagel) August 21, 2022

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The Speed of the Overhand Throw

Humans are the only species capable of throwing overhand fast and on target. (Location 2881) when we unwind, the arm rotates like a spring in the opposite direction with incredible speed. In professional baseball pitchers, this rotation can be nine thousand degrees per second, the fastest motion recorded in the

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The Arc of the NFL Salary

The average NFL salary is close to $2 million, but players were not always so well compensated. In fact, for much of football's history, players often worked secondary jobs in steel mills, on ranches or as salesmen to make ends meet. The only time a player takes a "second" job

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Commitio Cordis

commotio cordis = chest blunt trauma + time in heart cycle (extremely rare set of conditions, a black swan type event)