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Week of May 10, 2024

ill just start over


my first drawing on nomad
the worlds most dangerous piss

GPT fucking rocks I don't care what y'all say. Pics from a local bookstore to Goodreads searches in JS for any browser? I mean come on!

const titlesAndAuthors = [
    "anagrams lorrie moore",
    "collected fictions jorge luis borges andrew hurley",
    "the fur hat vladimir voinovich",
    "orlando virginia woolf",
    "geek love katherine dunn",
    "pizza girl jean kyoung frazier",
    "existentialism is a humanism jean paul sartre",
    "side affects on being trans and feeling bad hil malatino",
    "breaking things at work gavin mueller",
    "the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind julian jaynes",
    "wonderworks angus fletcher",
    "why poetry matthew zapruder",
    "to write as if already dead kate zambreno",
    "i, little asylum emmanuelle guattari",
    "ugly feelings sianne ngai",
    "eros the bittersweet anne carson",
    "the deluxe transitive vampire karen elizabeth gordon",
    "e.a.r.l. the autobiography of dmx smokey d. fontaine",
    "my last sigh the autobiography of luis buñuel",
    "dilla time dan charnas",
    "the gentrification of the mind sarah schulman",
    "metropolis ben wilson",
    "the death and life of great american cities jane jacobs",
    "nickel and dimed barbara ehrenreich",
    "cannibalism a perfectly natural history bill schutt",
    "on the soul and other psychological works aristotle fred d. miller jr.",
    "synesthesia richard e. cytowic",
    "genesis the deep origin of societies edward o. wilson",
    "the information james gleick",
    "the periodic table primo levi",
    "cosmic scholar the life and times of harry smith john szwed"

function openSearchTabs() {
    const baseURLs = {
        amazon: "",
        goodreads: ""

    titlesAndAuthors.forEach(title => {
        const encodedTitle = encodeURIComponent(title); + encodedTitle, "_blank"); + encodedTitle, "_blank");


ft. the worst commencement speech ive ever heard -- didnt even think it was possible to do that poorly