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Luv 2 Code

i see a lot of programmer blogs inform people on the homepage that they "love coding". it's unnecessary to say that. by virtue of fighting through the insane difficulty that is getting working code shipped, you almost have to love it by definition. loving to code is a masochistic form of love, a love steeped in self torture.

here are some alternative options to put on your homepage instead of "i love coding":

  • i enjoy the sisyphean agony of making errors go away today, just to have them resurface tomorrow in an even more terrifying visage
  • i derive a sick thrill from being told from total strangers on stack overflow how stupid i am, and how obvious the answer is
  • i relish the stress of looking spending hours of my finite life scrubbing through 1000s of lines of code to find a missing semicolon
  • i love switching js frameworks every two years to build the same landing page, only to forget for the umpteenth time how form submissions work
  • i'm passionate about getting new github issues opened for a project i open sourced 4 years ago and can't even run on my new computer unless mars and saturn are in perfect celestial alignment