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My Naive Foray into Photography

If there’s enough light and you’re not doing portraits, modern phone cameras are work well (View Highlight)

Currently (Dec, 2022) using iPhone 13 to take photos…

If you don’t have a camera, I recommend looking at Fujifilm (View Highlight)

I want a Fujifilm[1] though

I use VSCO to edit on my phone (View Highlight)

My favorite VSCO free preset only edits so far (I'm not paying for this shit lol):

most good photos (and movies, and games) maintain a very reduced color palette (View Highlight)
I often prefer like a somewhat desaturated look, and even in my more colorful photos I’m usually trying to edit down the number and magnitude of colors. For me this does not mean turning saturation down very much, but instead de-saturating specific colors, like the reds in the first picture here, or the blue in the last picture (View Highlight)
It is very common for me to desaturate one or more colors, or lighten skies considerably (so instead of “VERY BLUE” or “gray” (desaturated) they sky becomes “mostly white” (a little desaturated, luminosity turned up). (View Highlight)
subreddit AccidentalWesAnderson, which I (accidentally) created years ago even though I don’t use reddit (View Highlight)
focus on finding interesting subject matter, developing your eye for composition (View Highlight)

I've noticed I'm more attentive on walks lately, I'm always on the lookout for a cool shot

My Photography Inspirations

This video is amazing - the photography, the sound design, the cyberpunk vibe; Inspired! ↩︎