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Are Roles Projects?

In my PARA implementation in BHOV-2023, I made quite the stink about not using Areas or Resources. These buckets I thought were somewhat superfluous, as afaik, they are meant to be "dropboxes". Upon reflection I began to think about things in the past that felt infinite, but were in actuality finite. Being a college student, for example. When I was in college, it felt eternal. Four years was such a massive concept when life is lived one day at a time. However, looking back, I can clearly encapsulate the experience in my mind.

Following this, I created Projects in BHOV that start with ROLE -. Roles are roles that I fulfill now until I die (the last stop) or sometime before that if that role no longer makes sense. These roles (currently) are:

  • Business Owner (Stenography)
  • Community Member
  • Computer (User)
  • Consumer[1]
  • Family Member/Friend
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Software Engineer
  • Writer

I'm hoping to continue to refine this methodology, see which buckets never get used, and which become mainstays. My hypothesis is that some roles will be so used that they split into micro boards and others will hopefully show me where I am failing to attend to in life.

Do not forget your roles, Simba! 202212260018

NB: Learning projects can be LEARN - {Project} e.g. "LEARN - Guitar" or "LEARN - Italian"

Remember, my dear Govinda, the world of appearances is transitory, the style of our clothes and hair is extremely transitory. Our hair and our bodies are themselves transitory. You have observed correctly. I am wearing the clothes of a rich man. I am wearing them because I have been a rich man, and I am wearing my hair like men of the world and fashion because I have been one of them.” (Location 841)
As a boy I was occupied with the gods and sacrifices, as a youth with asceticism, with thinking and meditation. I was in search of Brahman and revered the eternal in Atman. As a young man I was attracted to expiation. I lived in the woods, suffered heat and cold. I learned to fast, I learned to conquer my body. I then discovered with wonder the teachings of the great Buddha. I felt knowledge and the unity of the world circulate in me like my own blood, but I also felt compelled to leave the Buddha and the great knowledge. I went and learned the pleasures of love from Kamala and business from Kamaswami. I hoarded money, I squandered money, I acquired a taste for rich food, I learned to stimulate my senses. I had to spend many years like that in order to lose my intelligence, to lose the power to think, to forget about the unity of things. Is it not true, that slowly and through many deviations I changed from a man into a child? (Location 867)

this one has come in handy a ton already for watch lists, to read lists, etc ↩︎