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Slow Consistent Workouts

So after you start the program, why not try that and say, “I am a bodybuilder.” Or say something similar that resonates with you more, like “I am a body sculptor,” “I am a strength athlete,” or “I am a fitness athlete.” You may not look or feel like one yet, but when you affirm it, you’ll get there faster. (Location 300)

Especially true with exercise which requires a lot of startup energy to catalyze results. Recently, as of 2022-12-29, I've been focusing on low intensity consistent daily workouts with very slow movements

Although “no pain, no gain” is a bedrock principle and mantra for serious weight lifters, you may be relieved to know you can strengthen your muscles without getting horridly sore and walking around like a mummy. You do have to repeatedly stress your muscles beyond their customary capacity, but shredding them isn’t always necessary to turn on the genes that promote growth. If you primarily want to gain strength, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by slowly doing a few demanding repetitions of weights that require eccentric or isometric contractions. That said, if you are more interested in power and endurance, you’ll derive more benefit from multiple sets of fifteen to twenty rapid concentric repetitions on less demanding weights with only brief rests between sets. Lifting weights a few times a week, moreover, is especially helpful to stay healthy and vigorous as we age. (Location 2461)