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August 31 2023

Not hideous, pretty enough, but bland as lukewarm coffee.

I've been having these dreams, you know - nightly invitations to a place I used to call home. Don't ask me why. Wasn't much of a paradise, this place. Not hideous, pretty enough, but bland as lukewarm coffee. Yet, when sleep takes over, that's where I go. Like some nocturnal bus route programmed in my brain. It just happens. Weirdest thing.

ive been having these weird thoughts lately

better logic for duel · bramses/bramdroid@4d52d69
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405 entered the test. 1 was injured. So the 404 was correct. The hunter test is one of survival and cunning etc. the one Hisoka "Disarmed" could not continue with both arms gone.
Essentially he failed the test when he bumped into Hisoka and not apologizing. Perhaps if he had sensed his surroundings a little better, like a real hunter, the 404 would have been a 405.
Is it ever stated who the disappearing applicant was?
In episode 3 of Hunter x Hunter, Beans welcomes Gon as the 405th applicant to the exam. Later, Satotz states that there will be 404 participants in Phase One. We know that Hisoka... uh... disarmed…

this guy is a goat

Traviss Willcox - Marathon Runner, Ultra Runner, idiot.

The First Few Minutes of Exercise Vs the Last Few Minutes

He explained it best in his First Law of Physics. “An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by a larger force.” Put it another way: Start doing something? You’ll continue. Why? Because motivation doesn’t cause action. Action causes motivation. (Location 2424)

The pain of the start of an exercise routine is always over shone by the glow that comes with completing one.

It’s not always comfortable at the beginning, but it’s always comfortable at the end. (Location 2512)

Slow Consistent Workouts

So after you start the program, why not try that and say, “I am a bodybuilder.” Or say something similar that resonates with you more, like “I am a body sculptor,” “I am a strength athlete,” or “I am a fitness athlete.” You may not look or feel like one yet, but when you affirm it, you’ll get there faster. (Location 300)

Especially true with exercise which requires a lot of startup energy to catalyze results. Recently, as of 2022-12-29, I've been focusing on low intensity consistent daily workouts with very slow movements

Although “no pain, no gain” is a bedrock principle and mantra for serious weight lifters, you may be relieved to know you can strengthen your muscles without getting horridly sore and walking around like a mummy. You do have to repeatedly stress your muscles beyond their customary capacity, but shredding them isn’t always necessary to turn on the genes that promote growth. If you primarily want to gain strength, you’ll get the most bang for your buck by slowly doing a few demanding repetitions of weights that require eccentric or isometric contractions. That said, if you are more interested in power and endurance, you’ll derive more benefit from multiple sets of fifteen to twenty rapid concentric repetitions on less demanding weights with only brief rests between sets. Lifting weights a few times a week, moreover, is especially helpful to stay healthy and vigorous as we age. (Location 2461)