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The Elusive Elevator Pitch

The next time someone asks what you do for a living, it’s your cue to deliver an elevator pitch. It’s a perfect opportunity to convey your marketing message on a regular basis in many different settings. Obviously, you don’t want to come across as a pushy, obnoxious salesperson, so it’s important to structure your elevator pitch properly. Most elevator pitches suffer from the same problem as overinflated job titles. It leaves the recipient confused or thinking “what a douchebag” rather than the intended effect of impressing them. Bad marketing is highly product-focused and self-focused. Good marketing, especially direct response marketing, is always customer and problem/solution focused, and that’s exactly how we want our elevator pitch to be. We want to be remembered for what problem we solve rather than for some impressive but incomprehensible title or line of business. (Location 822)
So how do you effectively communicate these three components in the space of about 30 seconds? The best formula I’ve seen is: You know [problem]? Well, what we do is [solution]. In fact, [proof]. (Location 830)

This is really hard for me to come up with. Publishing random thoughts doesn't really solve a problem, perhaps except my own curiosity? (202301071340)