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Can Atomic Ideas Grow On Their Own?

PKM zealots assume that the act of note-taking will create emergent properties by making singleton notes. But how does one prove this? Is note-taking worth the effort?

Some potential ideas to test:

  • What is the half-life of any particular note? Meaning, when do the contents of a note become useless? 202212212331
  • How easy is it to append/expand upon the idea in a note? Is it locked off to updates? How easy is it to "breed" a note with others? 202301071346 Is it calling to be connected to the network like mycella or does it have a sexual urge to procreate? 202212291355
  • How often does the note appear in relevance searches? How often does the note bubble to the surface? Is it semantically similar to many other notes? Birds of a Feather
a boy stands in darkness and silence. He speaks; his words float up like a bubble. It explodes, and the world is a little brighter, and a little less stiflingly silent. (Location 4869)