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I Programmed a YouTube Clipper

Just to capture this goated moment on a Kripp vid

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It captures the current time from a YouTube share link and adds 5 seconds to the end time, subtracts 5 seconds from the start time.

Get it here ⬇️
GitHub - bramses/ytclip-10s

alfred ytc 5 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-15-21.png


I then wrapped it in an Alfred script to run whenever I type ytc
alfred ytc 1 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-34.png
alfred ytc 2 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-40.png
alfred ytc 3 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-48.png
alfred ytc 4 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-55.png