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A Chat with ChatGPT: Obsidian App Ideas for Fashion and Style Management

What creative ways can Obsidian be used to help manage fashion and style?

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write app ideas for:

use obsidian to dress interesting and flood into daily physical life


  1. "Outfit Vibes": Obsidian syncs your mood with your wardrobe, suggesting outfits based on your emotions & daily activities. Funky feeling? Get groovy threads!
  2. "Wear-Share": Connect clothing-swap circles in the Obsidian community! Share fashion finds, reduce waste, and upcycle amazing styles.
  3. "FitFab Fusion": Combine fitness tracking with style suggestions for a chic workout look that translates seamlessly into everyday wear.
  4. "Fashion Forecast": Weather-based outfit inspo! Look rad while being rain-ready or sizzling under the sun!
  5. "#OOTD Challenge": Gamify getting dressed – compete in daily challenges to unlock rewards & strut in unique apparel picked by fellow users.
  6. “Style Swap”: Bored of your closet? Swipe through user-generated looks and swap item for item – reinvent without feeling guilty about shopping sprees!
  7. “Eco Chic”: Recommendations for sustainable brands that'll make you feel good wearing their eco-friendly pieces every day! Go green, stay stylish.
  8. “Accessory Central”: Up-level any mundane outfit by adding some pizzazz with recommended statement accessories from local artisans!
  9. “Closet Curator”: Organize chaos! Snap pictures of clothes & let AI categorize items – making those early mornings less about fussing over outfits and more about rocking them.
  10. ”Fashion Alert”: Stay updated on current trends so you can tweak existing outfits rather than snagging new ones; saving money has never looked so fresh before!


i think 5 could fit the ethos of obsidian daily note well. barring the other users part, how could obsidian be used to create an ootd?


"ObsidianOOTD": Obsidian becomes your personal stylist! Here's how it could work:

  1. Create a "Wardrobe Vault": Use Obsidian to create individual notes for each item in your closet with photos, descriptions, and tags (e.g., color, style, occasion). Organize these notes under folders based on clothing type (tops, bottoms, dresses).
  2. Daily Notes Mood Board: Every morning, add an "OOTD Inspiration" section to your daily note. Include any preferences or specific items you wish to incorporate into the day's outfit.
  3. Outfit Template: Set up a customizable template that outlines the basics of any OOTD – top/bottom pairing or dress; shoes; outerwear; accessories.
  4. Tag-Based Suggestions: Using tags from your wardrobe vault & daily inspiration section as filters, Obsidian suggests suitable pieces for each component of the template.
  5. Randomized Looks: Feeling bold? Enable a randomization feature that mixes & matches tagged items for unique combinations - who said fashion can't be spontaneous!
  6. Reflect & Archive: Keep track of outfits worn by adding pictures and comments about what worked or didn't work in each ensemble – future you would appreciate those style tidbits!
  7. Weekly/Monthly Recap: Analyze patterns in outfits over time through visualizations generated using graphs view – spot trends or reinvent forgotten gems in your closet.

With ObsidianOOTD unleashed within its ecosystem of versatile capabilities – even choosing clothes shall become an everyday adventure!


can you create md templaes for 3 (put them in code blocks)


Sure! Here are Markdown templates for the 3 components mentioned in step 3.

Outfit Template:

# Outfit of the Day

## Top:
- Item name: 
- Color: 
- Description:

## Bottom:
- Item name: 
- Color: 
- Description:

## Dress (Alternative to Top/Bottom):
- Item name:
- Color:
- Description:

## Shoes:
- Item name: 
- Color: 

## Outerwear (if needed):

Accessory Categories |
--- | ---
Necklaces | Hats / Headbands  
Earrings | Sunglasses             
Bracelets | Scarves / Shawls              
Rings | Belts                         
Watches | Bags                            

Daily Notes Mood Board Section Template:

Here's an example template you can add to your daily notes.

#OOTD Inspiration
My mood today is "{{obsidian_prompt=Mood}}"

Preferred colors for today are "{{obsidian_prompt=Color(s)}}"
Special occasion or event? If yes, what event? "{{obsidian_prompt=Event}}"
Weather consideration(s): "{{obsidian_prompt=Weather Condition(s) }}"
Any specific item I'd like to wear? "{{obsidian_prompt=Clothing Piece}}"
Accessories theme/preferences (bold, minimalistic...)? "{{obsidian_prompt=Accessories}}"

Simply adjust the obsidian prompt sections as per your requirement. In case you don't use prompts and want a simple one -

#OOTD Inspiration

My mood today is **____**
Preferred colors for today are **____**
Special occasion or event? If yes, what event? **____**╗", "format": ["text"]]("favorite_color")
Weather consideration(s): **___ **
Any specific item I'd like to wear?
Accessories theme/preferences (bold, minimalistic...)?

You can customize these templates further according to your preferences and integrate them seamlessly into Obsidian. Happy styling!


how could i use 2 and 5 to suggest random good looking outfits to wear with pictures and rate them at the end of the day


You can integrate steps 2 and 5 to create a process for suggesting random outfits in Obsidian. Here's how:

  1. Create an Outfit Matcher Note: Set up a new note that will be used as your central hub for generating outfit suggestions.


# Daily Random Outfit Picker

## Mood: {{mood}}
## Preferred colors: {{colors}}
  1. Tag-based matching: In this step, add queries or links to filter items from your wardrobe vault based on the mood, colors, or other preferences you've mentioned in your daily notes.

Example (you may need to adjust query parameters depending on how you tagged & organized wardrobe items):

### Tops:
!\[\[*tag:#Top #color:{colors} #style:{mood}*]]

### Bottoms:
!\[\[*tag:#Bottom #color:{colors} #style:{mood}*]]

Note: Replace {mood} and {colors} with your input from "Daily Notes Mood Board Section Template."

  1. Randomized Selection: Use the Dataview plugin or another similar method within Obsidian ecosystem to randomly pick one item each from tops and bottoms (or dresses).

Example using Dataview plugin:

const topItems = dv.pages("#Top").filter(p => p.file.tags.includes({{Color}}) && p.file.tags.includes({{Mood}}));
const bottomItems = dv.pages("#Bottom").filter(p => p.file.tags.includes({{Color}}) && p.file.tags.includes({{Mood}}));

  1. Embed pictures of these selected pieces into the daily OOTD section of your daily notes template so you get visuals before actually trying them on!
  2. After wearing the suggested outfit, use an additional section such as "OOTD Rating & Reflection" at the end of every day where you'll rate today's look out of 10 along with any thoughts about what worked well or could be improved upon.

Rating Template Example:

# OOTD Rating & Reflection

## Today's look rating (out of 10): 
- Score: 

## What I liked about today’s outfit:

## What I would change/do differently next time?

Over time by gathering more ratings and feedback in this manner - you can tweak Queries/Filters accordingly within step-2


Ok -- finally write some Dataview code for Reflect & Archive and Weekly/Monthly Recap


Sure! Here's some Dataview code for Reflect & Archive and Weekly/Monthly Recap:

Reflect & Archive:
First, let's create a template for the Rating & Reflection note to be used after each day.

# OOTD - {{date(today)}}

## Outfit Details
- Top: !\[\[{{top}}]]
- Bottom: !\[\[{{bottom}}]]
- Dress (if worn): !\[\[{{dress}}]]
- Shoes: !\[\[{{shoes}}]]

## OOTD Picture:
[Insert outfit picture here]

## Today's look rating (out of 10):
Rating : {{rating}}

## What I liked about today’s outfit:

## Changes or improvements next time?

Weekly/Monthly Recap Example:

Create a new note titled "OOTD Recaps" and use the following Dataview code inside to generate weekly/monthly reviews of your outfits based on tagged reflection notes. Replace {your_tag} with the tag you use for your Rating & Reflection notes.

For weekly recaps, add this snippet in your OOTD Recaps note:

const pastWeek = moment().subtract(7, 'days');
dv.table(["Date", "Top", "Bottom", "Shoes","Rating"], 
    .where(p => datetime(p.file.mtime).isSameOrAfter(pastWeek))
    .map(entry => {
      return [
        entry.Shoes.value.length > 0 ? `${}${entry.Shoes.suffix}` : '',

For monthly recaps, modify the previous weekly snippet as follows:

Replace moment().subtract(7, 'days'); with moment().subtract(1, 'month');.

Now you have both weekly/monthly recap templates set up in Obsidian using Dataview! Customize these according to your preferences and enjoy analyzing your fashion trends over time! is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.