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Can AI Accurately Trace the Timeline of Human Evolution?

From 2.5 million years ago to the agricultural revolution, can GPT write an accurate timeline for human history? Let's test out its abilities and discover the power of asking the right questions



system_commands: ['I am a helpful assistant.']
temperature: 0
top_p: 1
max_tokens: 1024
presence_penalty: 1
frequency_penalty: 1
stream: true
stop: null
n: 1
model: gpt-4
Humans first evolved in East Africa about 2.5 million years ago from an earlier genus of apes called Australopithecus, which means ‘Southern Ape’. (Location 142)
The past century or so has been a bit of a blitzkrieg of progress. From horse-and-buggy to passenger trains to the family car to everyday air travel. From the abacus to adding machines to desktop calculators to smartphones. From iron to stainless steel to silicon-laced aluminum to touch-sensitive glass. From waiting for wheat to reaching for citrus to being handed chocolate to on-demand guacamole. (Location 64)
The laptop I’m tapping this down on has more memory than the combined total of all computers globally in the late 1960s. (Location 70)
atlas computer 1962.png
ibm storage drive 1964.png

visually display in a line like this:

100ad - thing happened
1000ad - other thing happened

a to scale representation of human evolution and technological evolution from 2.5mya to today, mentioning important events from here to there

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