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A GPT-Era Eisenhower Matrix

Are you tired of feeling drained and unproductive? What if an AI-powered app could help you manage your time and energy to boost your productivity levels? In this video, we explore the potential of integrating popular time management frameworks with energy management, all with the help of GPT.



system_commands: ['I am a helpful assistant.']
temperature: 0
top_p: 1
max_tokens: 512
presence_penalty: 1
frequency_penalty: 1
stream: true
stop: null
n: 1
model: gpt-3.5-turbo
Viewed this way, the secretary problem’s most fundamental yet most unbelievable assumption—its strict seriality, its inexorable one-way march—is revealed to be the nature of time itself. As such, the explicit premise of the optimal stopping problem is the implicit premise of what it is to be alive. (Location 521)
It is important to maximize your energy. You perform best when you are doing things that energize you. Your goal should be to spend most of your time (75–80 percent) doing things that energize you. If you do, magic will occur. (Location 357)

what are the commonalities between these two quotes, and what is the broader point about time mangement?

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