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Issue 12: Smaller Programs, Longer Walks

The more we escape our heads, the deeper we get tangled.

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Ye Olde Newsstand - Weekly Updates

There is a meme going around the Internet that informational noise decreases people's ability to be critical, and that since LLMs hallucinate, society will falter in its ability to reason. This to me is a false flag, a conflation of one thing (noise) causing another (sheep-ism). In the video below I address another YouTuber, Upper Echelon, who is espousing this argument and explain why I disagree with him and in fact why I think AI is a step in the right direction from the previous generation (legacy TV + media especially) for people learning to be critical. Give it a watch!

why being critical is essential in the age of ai: debunking arguments against arguments against llms
do large language models create noise on the internet or do they help us become more critical thinkers?

I'm working on a really fun, powerful ChatGPT plugin. More to come soon, but here's a teaser:

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