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Heist Movies Need CCTV to Work

what can we do in ten minutes? the nearly identical twin dilemma. even emperors cry.

This is a daily standup post of the work put into maintaining Ex nihilo nihil fit.

Newsletter (Sundays)

idea for issue 42 – upstream pricing in the SaaS + LLM era:

  • taylorism
  • llms both increasing and decreasing value of knowledge work simultaneously
  • a developer is not "working on a project", the project is being passed through the developer
    • these two things are different
    • the same problem can be solved in many ways by different devs
    • price your software as an empire
    • leverage code's abstraction and composability to "world build"
  • technology is upstream of possibility
    • heist genre = magical realism of computers, phones, cameras
    • sci-fi genre = imaginable + unreachable rules
    • real world = all jobs are downstream of their purpose and the technologies they give affordance to

Software (Saturdays)

If the outputs are not provided before the expires_at timestamp passes (roughly 10 mins past creation), the run will move to an expired status.


what can be done in ten minutes? what cant be done? nb: you can take "longer" than 10 minutes if you capture all the messages in thread, and simply create a new one. it comes down to what type of tasks are worth waiting a full youtube video are

embeddings do not suffer from scale they suffer from having fraternal twins

im all in on deliverable agents, bb

lets go forms! 2024!

Character Image
<LEDA> isn't every website ever just a css'ed out form or pamphlet? if i move the pamphlet really fast, your brain might think its real, huh?

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