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In Actuality, Alexander Only Had Two Sons

Alexander had a complicated love life, ranging from a possible relationship with Hephaestion to a relationship with a Thessalian courtesan to impregnating multiple women.

“I wonder how Alexander the Great was with women,” Eliza said. She opened the Server and zoomed in on ancient Macedonia. “I don’t see why that’s relevant,” Craig said. “I’m just curious.” On the screen, Alexander sat on his throne, idly sipping wine from a silver jug. A row of women stood before him, each one of a different ethnicity. A few weary soldiers knelt by Alex’s feet, anxiously awaiting his command. Eliza clicked the translate icon so they could watch the clip with subtitles. “These females are mine by right,” the ruler said. “For I am a living god.” His men nodded fearfully. Alex scratched his chin and then pointed casually at one of the women, an Asian beauty with slender hips and large black eyes. When he snapped his fingers, she took off her clothes and gracefully spun in a circle. “Your body pleases me,” Alex said. “I will soon impregnate you.” Craig laughed. “Can you believe this guy?” Eliza shrugged. “I think he’s kind of sexy.” Craig knew it was crazy to envy a dead Macedonian, but he couldn’t stop his face from flushing. He forced a laugh to mask his jealousy. “What’s sexy about him?” Eliza shrugged. “There’s just something about the way he carries himself.” He watched in pained silence as Eliza zoomed in on the tyrant’s rugged face. “My power mocks Zeus,” Alexander was saying. “And when he sees my feats he is afraid.” He gestured at the row of women. “I will impregnate all of you. One after the other. And you will give birth to a race of living gods.” A little sigh escaped from Eliza’s lips. “Okay,” Craig said. “This is a lot of fun. But can we maybe get back to Sam now?” “Sure,” Eliza said, clearing her throat. “Just a second…” Craig watched with annoyance as she tagged the Alexander clip as a favorite. Eventually, she closed the Server and typed in a search for Sam. (Location 1348)

Alexander would've killed it on dating apps.

Real Historical Facts About Alexander's Love Life

According to Plutarch, the only woman with whom Alexander had sex before his first marriage was Barsine, daughter of Artabazos II of Phrygia but of Greek education (View Highlight)
Barsine was a noble Persian, daughter of Artabazus, and wife of Memnon. After Memnon's death, several ancient historians have written of a love affair between her and Alexander. Plutarch writes, "At any rate Alexander, so it seems, thought it more worthy of a king to subdue his own passions than to conquer his enemies, and so he never came near these women, nor did he associate with any other before his marriage, with the exception only of Barsine (View Highlight)
According to Robin Lane Fox, Alexander and Hephaestion were possible lovers. After Hephaestion's death in Oct 324 BC, Alexander mourned him greatly and did not eat for days. Alexander held an elaborate funeral for Hephaestion at Babylon, and sent a note to the shrine of Ammon, which had previously acknowledged Alexander as a god, asking them to grant Hephaestion divine honours. The priests declined, but did offer him the status of divine hero. Alexander died soon after receiving this letter; Mary Renault suggests that his grief over Hephaestion's death had led him to be careless with his health. (View Highlight)
Alexander was overwhelmed by his grief for Hephaestion, so much that Arrian records that Alexander "flung himself on the body of his friend and lay there nearly all day long in tears, and refused to be parted from him until he was dragged away by force by his Companions". Some have suggested that they shared a homosexual relationship together, however historians have challenged that claim, stating instead that Hephaestion was “his closest and dearest friend”. (View Highlight)
As soon as Alexander died in 323 BC, Roxana murdered Alexander's two other wives. Roxana wished to cement her own position and that of her son, unborn at that time, by ridding herself of a rival who could be—or claim to be—pregnant. (View Highlight) is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

"He scorned sensual pleasures to such an extent that his mother was anxious lest he be unable to beget offspring." To encourage a relationship with a woman, King Philip and Olympias were said to have brought in a high-priced Thessalian courtesan named Callixena. According to Athenaeus, Callixena was employed by Olympias out of fear that Alexander was "womanish" (γύννις), and his mother used to beg him to sleep with the courtesan, apparently to no success. Some modern historians, such as James Davidson, see this as evidence of Alexander's homosexuality. However, the ancient sources report Alexander as sexually active with women throughout his life and how in adulthood he brought concubines to bed every night. One instance tells of him spending thirteen days making love with a tribe-leader of woman-warriors hailing from the Caucasus mountains. (View Highlight)

Top Three Apps I'd Delete If You Gave Me Your Phone


I would delete Snapchat, Paramount+, and most dating apps from people's phones. Online dating can be time-consuming and male-dominated, but there are some exceptions like Hinge, which uses a matching algorithm. Cultural differences can also affect how people use dating apps. However, there are some funny and interesting aspects that can emerge from the social game theory of dating apps. A program exists to help clean up phones by deleting unwanted apps.

Top 3 apps I would delete on people's phones:

  1. Snapchat
  2. Paramount +
  3. Most dating apps

Why Dating Apps?

Online dating sucks. You’re much better off trying to meet people in real-life situations, where there is a more reasonable ratio of men and women, you can learn more about people then their favorite vacation spots, and the people have a lot more time to learn more about you too.
Or, you can try meeting people online but not in a surface-level dating-oriented site. Plenty of people formed couples through discord or their favorite video games. Unfortunately my understanding is that most online places are still male-dominated, but hopefully that’s changing as we are becoming a more tech-oriented and women-inclusive society. (View Highlight)
Have you read the cold start problem? The online dating marketplaces optimize for women and the men naturally follow.
Ie. If there were a bunch of single women in any marketplace, men would naturally flock there, like any social media platforms dms
The users for online dating are women, men are the commodity (View Highlight)
I've been thinking about whether friendships could be described as having a purpose beyond personal fulfillment, and I think it shares some parallels with dating. One of modern dating's great albatrosses is the hedonistic treadmill: the Tinder-induced "Welcome to Hell" of meeting, connecting, dating, and ghosting, repeated ad infinitum. Dating around is a perfectly good way to pass the weeks and months and years, but at some point, if you're not committing to something – building towards a "we" that exists outside of yourself – the initial thrill of intimacy begins to take on a saccharine, artificial quality (View Highlight)

In terms of supply and demand, men are very heavily supply side and women are very heavy demand side. Out of any random number of men, women get to "demand" the best partner for them.

Due to how the "approach game" works, men are usually the ones who "open" leaving women to respond to potential options/suitors.

On dating apps, scale starts becomes a factor quickly. Women are virtually approached by a high number of suitors at the same time instead of sequentially, changing the dynamics of the game substantially.


Stability, Hinge

Hinge, one of the hottest dating apps out there, differentiates itself from its rivals like Tinder or Bumble by building a ‘like’ system similar to Instagram which allows its users to ‘like’ another user’s posts or photos, instead of doing simple arbitrary swipe left/right for someone’s entire profile. This article discusses how the Gale–Shapley algorithm, an algorithm that solves The Stable Marriage Problem has been applied to Hinge’s platform. The parallel it draws between how Hinge first compiles a front page for you with people that the algorithm finds most compatible with you and how the show Love Island populate a room full of men and women picking from each other points straight out how the algorithm has been implemented on the front end. (View Highlight)
Just like what we learned in class, a stable marriage contains two individual who both prefer one another, Hinge is always trying to have their users reach that state of stable preferences which could lead to a stable and happy relationship. (View Highlight)
Essentially, this classic matching algorithm from the 60s enables users nowadays to better pursue their love interests and relationships digitally online in a highly effective way. (View Highlight)

Not Just an American Phenomenon

Looks like all the dirt of the city assembles here only,” says a man sitting with his wife and three children under a tree in the Kalindi Kunj Park against the backdrop of the Delhi Eye, a 200-foot-tall ferris wheel.Arun believes it’s the man’s persistence to woo them that matters to most women. “People from my strata don’t have the option to trust anyone quickly. How much a person can wait is ultimately the sign of their interest. We don’t swipe each other on apps,” he says while pointing to a cheap smartphone in his hand. Even though China-made affordable smartphones are making inroads among India’s poor people, dating apps such as Tinder remain the province of wealthier people because of the social stigma associated with dating and premarital sex.“High-profile people like you can go to restaurants or hotels. We have just parks”, says Arun, an 18-year-old commerce student.
Take polyamory. I had a revealing conversation recently with a student at an elite university. He said that when he sets his Tinder radius to five miles, about half of the women, mostly other students, said they were “polyamorous” in their bios. Then, when he extended the radius to 15 miles to include the rest of the city and its outskirts, about half of the women were single mothers. The costs created by the luxury beliefs of the former are borne by the latter. Polyamory is the latest expression of sexual freedom championed by the affluent. They are in a better position to manage the complications of novel relationship arrangements. And if these relationships don’t work out, they can recover thanks to their financial capability and social capital. The less fortunate suffer by adopting the beliefs of the upper class. (View Highlight)

Occasionally Dating Apps Do Indeed Work

So, I downloaded Tinder, in an attempt to prove to myself that I still possessed worldly desires. Resultantly, I met up with a cute girl named Sundae on a lantern-lit patio. (Location 449)

And There Are Some Great Bits That Emerge From The Interactions/Social Game Theory


This program helps you clean up your phone by deleting apps that you may not need. Based on a set of criteria, it deletes Snapchat, Paramount+, and dating apps if you are a man or have had negative experiences with online dating. The updated list of apps is then returned. Try it out and see how it can help declutter your phone!

The Art of Lovemaking

She taught him that lovers should not separate from each other after making love without admiring each other, without being conquered as well as conquering, so that no feeling of satiation or desolation arises nor the horrid feeling of misusing or having been misused. (Location 592)
“Maybe,” said Siddhartha wearily. “I am like you. You cannot love either, otherwise how could you practice love as an art? Perhaps people like us cannot love. Ordinary people can—that is their secret.” (Location 661)

Do Hippos Make Good Lovers?

We drift out of the invertebrates, through the Hall of Amphibians (“I loved Eryops: clumsy amphibians out of water who took on grace and ease once back in it.”) and presently into a room featuring a display of stuffed hippos. “Ah, my friends!” exclaims Oliver, rapt. “I used to have erotic fantasies of all sorts here, and by no means all human (hippos in the mud!); indeed, not all organic (the mud!).” He sighs dreamily, only barely selfparodic: “A hippo would make a wonderful bed partner,” he pronounces definitively.* (View Highlight)

I think Moto Moto likes you

As a thought experiment, why would a hippo make a good lover? Is it because hippos would offer a strong comforting presence? 202212291355

Perhaps some have a muck spreading fetish?

Hippos engage in "muck-spreading" which involves defecating while spinning their tails to distribute the faeces over a greater area. Muck-spreading occurs both on land and in water and its function is not well understood.
Hippopotamus - Wikipedia
…according to Herbert Marcuse’s stepson Osha Neumann, “[Marcuse] ‘would sit with this one stuffed hippo on his lap, and project this image of a non-genital, non-aggressive sexuality.’ Marcuse shared that fondness with Adorno, who … in letters to his mother would address her as ‘My dear, faithful Wondrous Hippo-Cow’ and sign himself off as ‘Hippo King.’”
Orion Magazine - Play and Devotion with Oliver Sacks

A better love story than Twilight

Bro was like never mind (View Tweet)

A modern Greek tragedy. And still a better love story than Twilight

Pairs well with literally any of these songs: