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My Favorite Puss in Boots Moments

Puss in Boots has big orange cat energy.

Audio Companion

My Favorite Puss in Boots Moments Audio Companion

The Hairball Animation LMAO

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I'm Death. Straight Up.

It's true![1]

Death Ominously in the Back
puss in boots death in back.png

Big Orange Cat Energy
what breed is he orange.png

I'm Falling, You're Falling, We're Falling, WHALE!

A fantastic comedic moment, this movie is so underrated. Another comedy classic, like Serpentine 202301271336

John Wick II and III Thoughts

Some thoughts on stills from John Wick II and III.

The Stairs after John and Cassian fell down three flights:

Consider this a professional courtesy.

Watching John Wick Take on 30 People at Once Be Like
plot armor.png

Are Russians Always The Bad Guys?
john wick 2 russian big guy Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-20-18.png

This is the big constipated guy from ^8ecdfc

Depicting the Russians as villains has a long history. “Even before the Cold War, Russia was represented often as a geopolitical threat to the West,” says James Chapman, Professor of Film Studies at the University of Leicester. “But [that stereotyping] takes on a particular ideological inflection during the Cold War when you get the association [with] not just Russia but also Soviet communism.” (View Highlight)
Scholars see Russian President Vladimir Putin’s tough stance as the reason for the increased presence of Russian villains now. “I think particularly since the reemergence of Putin and a much more hardline regime, [especially] with the problems now in the Ukraine, there’s been this sense that Russia remains a geopolitical threat and a hostile power – even if it’s post-communist – and I think that’s really the reason you see this type of villainy,” says Chapman. (View Highlight)
Given that Russia represents the seventh biggest movie market in the world why would the studios risk antagonising one of its more significant customers? One possibility is that Russia’s complaints over Hollywood movies may have a public relations impact that plays positively in the studios’ favour. “They’ll be glad for the interest and the attention,” says James Chapman. Also, Klaus Dodds, Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London, says, “I think Hollywood is far more concerned about the Chinese market.” Indeed there’s almost an obsession over China in Hollywood – but now that Russian displeasure could depress box office revenues there may be some reassessment. (View Highlight)

What A Shared External Enemy Does To a Country

Why is this happening? There are many reasons, but in order to make sense of America’s current predicament, you have to start by recognizing that the mid-twentieth century was a historical anomaly—a period of unusually low political polarization and cross-party animosity combined with generally high levels of social trust and trust in government. From the 1940s to around 1980, American politics was about as centrist and bipartisan as it has ever been. One reason is that, during and prior to this period, the country faced a series of common challenges and enemies, including the Great Depression, the Axis Powers during World War II, and the Soviets during the Cold War. Given the psychology of tribalism that we described in chapter 3, the loss of a common enemy after the collapse of the Soviet Union can be expected to lead to more intratribal conflict. A second major reason is that, since the 1970s, Americans have been increasingly self-segregating into politically homogeneous communities, as Bill Bishop showed in his influential 2008 book, The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded America Is Tearing Us Apart. Subsequent research has shown that we live in increasingly economically and politically segregated communities right down to the city block. (Location 2336)
War also makes people far more interested in one another. The United States had never been more closely in touch with Russia than during the Cold War, when every cough in a Moscow corridor sent people scrambling up and down Washington staircases. People care far more about their enemies than about their trade partners. For every American film about Taiwan, there are probably fifty about Vietnam. (Location 1632)

Other Nationalities

The Russians might be the villain of choice right now but over the decades many different races and nationalities have had their moment in the evildoer spotlight. Around the time of World War II, for obvious reasons, Germans appeared as villains in US films – as did the Japanese. (View Highlight)
One group that’s been demonised for decades with varying degrees of intensity is Arabs – and Muslims. Even before the days of Rudolph Valentino’s roles in silent films like The Sheik in 1921 the cast was set for depicting Arabs as questionable characters who stole and murdered. In the Arab-American community Hollywood’s depictions over the decades have been seen as suffering from the ‘3B Syndrome’, in which Arabs were shown to be either belly dancers, billionaires or bombers. (View Highlight)
China has contributed its share of movie villains going back to the time when Fu Manchu appeared as a distrustful Chinese character in the early days of talking cinema. When MGM released The Mask of Fu Manchu 1932 the Chinese embassy in the US delivered a formal complaint because the title character was depicted with such hostility. But nowadays there’s hardly a trace of a Chinese character with evil intent in any Hollywood film because China has become a vitally important market for the studios. (View Highlight)
This became clear with the remake of the 2012 US war film Red Dawn. It was filmed with Chinese villains, but because of concerns that might jeopardise its entry to the Chinese movie market the villains were transformed into North Koreans in post-production – at considerable expense. Given that there’s no distribution of Hollywood movies in North Korea the producers knew there could be no loss of box office revenue by alienating that country. (View Highlight)

(View Highlight)

Just Buff it Out It's Fine
john wick 2 just buff it out Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-22-24.png

This Guy Has A Lot of Pictures of His Dead Wife
john wick 2 dead wife 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-25-21.png
john wick 2 dead wife 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-38-40.png

Preppers Dream

People like this:

would absolutely slosh their pantaloons for a stash like John Wick's. Gold, guns, mahogany under a slab of concrete in the basement -- I mean, come on!
john wick 2 preppers dream Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-28-26.png

john wick 2 coffee italian Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-30-35.png

You're Not That Guy, Pal
john wick 2 im not that guy Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-33-45.png
john wick 2 im not that guy 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-34-08.png

Happy Hunting, John
john wick 2 ging Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-48-32.png
If I can get my target to move as I want, I've succeeded as a hunter.

hxh target moves as i want Screenshot 2023-02-05 11-22-36.png
hxh target moves as i want 2 Screenshot 2023-02-05 11-22-48.png

Cool Tat, Bruh
john wick 2 cool tattoo Screenshot 2023-01-21 03-55-11.png
Fortune favors the bold

When Kurapika Runs into Hanzo Later in the Succession War
john wick 2 you working 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-09-34.png
john wick 2 you working 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-09-50.png
john wick 2 you working 3 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-10-19.png
john wick 2 you working 4 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-10-36.png
john wick 2 you working 5 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-10-52.png
john wick 2 you working 6 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-11-25.png
john wick 2 you working 7 Screenshot 2023-01-21 04-11-45.png
hxh kurapika hires hanzo melody bisky Screenshot 2023-01-30 03-47-03.png

People in John Wick Are Literally GTA NPCs

Though to be fair, it seems 60%+ of them are assassins too though, so…
john wick 2 mta 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 13-06-26.png
john wick 2 mta 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 13-06-40.png

Diogenes Would Be Proud

john wick 2 diogenes Screenshot 2023-01-21 13-14-11.png

I Like Those Odds
john wick 2 5050 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-33-45.png
john wick 2 5050 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-33-56.png
john wick 2 5050 3 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-34-06.png
john wick 2 5050 4 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-34-38.png

Axe Throwing Bars Be Like
john wick killshot 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-53-28.png
john wick killshot 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-53-47.png
john wick killshot 3 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-53-39.png
john wick killshot 4 Screenshot 2023-01-21 14-54-02.png

Assassin (Fate Zero)
john wick 3 assassin 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-27-12.png
john wick 3 assassin 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-27-32.png
john wick 3 assassin 3 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-27-48.png
john wick 3 assassin 4 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-28-05.png
john wick 3 assassin 5 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-28-17.png
john wick 3 assassin 6 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-28-47.png
As with every legally summoned Assassin per the original, uncorrupted rules of Fuyuki's Grail War, his identity is that of the legendary Persian "Old Man of the Mountain," Hassan-i-Sabah, the leader of al-Assasīn. Despite his possession of female personalities, Hassan's original existence is actually referred to with a masculine pronoun in quotation marks, which has been interpreted to suggest that he may have been physically male, at one point. His wish to the Holy Grail was, in fact, to ultimately "be reconstituted as a complete personality." (View Highlight)

I Get It
john wick 3 he shot my dog 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-33-25.png
john wick 3 he shot my dog 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-33-45.png
john wick 3 he shot my dog 3 Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-34-02.png

He Did The Face!

Just like Gus! ^c56bd8
john wick 3 he did the face Screenshot 2023-01-21 15-46-40.png

Cool, Cool, Cool
john wick 3 cool 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 16-12-37.png
john wick 3 cool 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 16-12-53.png

Boros Is Trippin
john wick good fight 1 Screenshot 2023-01-21 17-49-54.png
john wick good fight 2 Screenshot 2023-01-21 17-50-11.png


  • really fun, chill movies to consume
  • it was great to see Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves back together, such a dynamic duo

Any Lock Picking Scene in Any Big Budget Hollywood Action Flick

In any "ancient history/spy" action film you might expect to see these familiar scenes…

Scenario 1: Modern Lock with Benefit of Hundreds of Years of Modern Lock Technology

INT: Some Rich Dude's Vault, Probably
master lock.png

Male Lead:

Damn, it's locked.

Female Lead:

Don't worry.

takes hairpin that's holding up her indescribably perfect bun, despite having just jumped out of an airplane

puts hairpin in lock while Male Lead turns around with back to door frame -- gun in hand

guards come running down hallway

Male Lead:

Hey you better hurry up with that lock -- WE'VE GOT COMPANY

Female Lead:

I'm almost there, hold them off!

continues to randomly jiggle hairpin in lock hole

male lead shoots at guards, who have put furniture that doesn't belong in a hallway like full sectional couches up as blockades from the gunfire

Male Lead:

They're bringing in the big guns!!!

17 foot 4 man saunters down hallway in way too tight shirt, looking intensely constipated

music gets more intense

Female Lead:

and….got it! Come on {MALE LEAD}, let's go!

they both escape just as large man reaches door

Scenario 2: Some Busted Out Rusty Ass Lock on a Three Inch Deep Oak Door That Looks Like it Could Be Knocked Off Its Hinges by a Light Breeze

INT: An Abandoned Cave From 1420; 300 Feet Below Ground
old lock.png

Male Lead:

Damn, it's locked.

Female Lead:

Hmm, its probably a puzzle and the answer is most likely in this room right next to the lock.

Male Lead:

Oh yeah, look, here's a pictogram that explains exactly what we have to do! Did you bring the other half of the key of Bussyus the Magnificent?

Female lead rifles in extremely torn up backpack and pulls out some ancient piece of bullshit

Female Lead puts key in lock, turning slowly while music crescendos

Female Lead:

Got it!

some unexplainable ancient stone hinge technology that somehow still works centuries later opens by itself

Male Lead:

Let's go!

Main Villain somehow waiting inside for them, despite having no knowledge if they would show up or not, even (202212251415)

Action Movie Morality

Totally unexplainable reasoning.

INT: Some Final Showdown with {BOSS VILLAIN HERE}, Probably in the Unlocked Throne Room 202212251336

Male Lead:

You killed my brother! I can't forgive you for that, {BOSS VILLAIN HERE}, you murderer!!


Haha, I…wait, are you serious?

Male Lead:

Serious about what?


Well, I just think it's a bit ironic to call me a murderer like you aren't a murderer.

Male Lead:

I -- wha -- no, no I'm not, I'm not a murderer


My guy, you killed 15 of my mercenaries on your way into this very room. Look -- you literally just shoved one of my lackies of the cliff onto that bed of wooden spikes.

camera pans to lackey impaled by spikes

Male Lead:

Well, I mean, yeah, but -- but they're mercenaries! They're hired killers!


Do you … do you think that because someone is a mercenary they can't be murdered?

Male Lead:

I well, no, I mean … I guess I hadn't really thought about it before.



Male Lead:



Dave. The lackey -- the one you just pushed off the cliff? His name was Dave. He has two daughters at home.

Male Lead:

Oh, oh -- oh my god.



Male Lead:

But -- but you we're just going to take this treasure and use it for nefarious ends, so I'm still fighting for the innocent!


Oh, and what were you planning to do with the money?

Male Lead:

Sorry, what?


I said, what are you planning on using the money on, Mr. High Horse?

Male Lead:

Well, I uh … I guess I was going to take it, and sell it on … on the black market? I … I don't know, I usually don't think much outside of witty one liners.


So it's worse, you don't even have a goal for the money? You're just here for the thrill of the hunt. You killed Dave for the thrill of the hunt. That makes you a bad person, do you see what I'm saying?

Male Lead:

But -- but I was hired to solve the mystery. This unsolvable 500 year old mystery!


Congratulations, so you are an escape room veteran who midnights as a murderer. That is literally the worst combination of skills a person could have.


sputters blood, coughs

Male Lead:



takes out pistol and shoots at Dave

Uncharted and Bullet Train Were Truly Some of the Movies of All Time

Multiple times throughout each movie, I made this face:

What's the point of hiring A List actors if the narrative is a incomprehensible trash fire? What's the point of using a whole budget on a film you plan to just call in to cliches?

I thought the whole point of this new Netflix streaming era was to highlight great stories and take unknown actors and propel them to A List status??

What's the point of putting Ryan Reynolds in another shitty action movie?