[+] Why is every IT website's design stuck in 1993?

also Kareem Abdul Jabar has a Substack

[+] This is why they call me Vector Salamanca

Algorithms relate to funny tweets

[+] The Only Thing That's Being Embedded is Tradeoffs

Embedding vecotrs aint that simple

[+] It turns out search is pretty hard

What can you find that you cannot see?

[+] A Tale of Two Vectors

There are two wolves inside of you...

[+] Stuff I Learned setting up my stream


[+] So I decided to build a semantic search app

Give it up for Day 94!

[+] How One Man's Hobby Became Eight Billion People's Treasure

Thete is a direct line from the I Ching to TikTok

[+] An Unhinged Post Nap Rant About Why Analytics Suck For Creators

Im pretty grumpy after I nap

[+] This Math Theorem Tells Us Why Companies Bother To Hire

What does Godel have to do with Geico?

[+] Obsidian is (Not) Just Another Note Taking App

No one man should have all this power

[+] I learned how to count in hieroglyphics


[+] What the TikTokification of Meta means for the Future of Online Content

What Happens as content becomes more and more algorithmic? What will be the last form on the internet

[+] Installing BetterFootnotes and Footnote Shortcut in Obsidian

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Note Refactor Plugin and Auto Note Mover Plugin in Obsidian

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Getting lost in a Nim rabbit hole

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Getting a BeReal Notification while Streaming

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Helpful Video Recommendation for Blue Yeti Mic Setup

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] I did an epic face reveal to 0 people on Twitch

the whole squad came through to peep these peepers

[+] i used DallE to make assets for my twitch stream

man stares pensively into distance at an ai burning his village

[+] so i power ranked note taking apps...

the results may (not) surprise you

[+] When a Twitch Streamer Gets a Standing Desk

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Installing and Using Advanced Slides in Obsidian in a Real Life Case

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] I hope you like my Leda hat

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] I am having nightmares from Obsidian Git

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Choosing an idea off a dice roll

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] How To Use Progressive Summarization as a Pro/Con List

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Making Science Content is Harder than Making History Content

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] What does the research process look like on livestream?

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] I used Dall-E 2 to make some stream assets

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] The Decision to go for a Macbook Pro 16 inch over a PC

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] A Sign of a Good Paragraph is How Much You Want to Bold It

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] The Obsidian Note Taking Niche, Making Room for Creativity

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] The Required Investment to Stream, and How Streaming is Improv

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Has the Internet Democratized Human Ingenuity? What does faster computing do for the non rich?

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Why I Write 'The Brain' Instead of 'Your Brain'

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] The Cringiest Part of Writing is Writing

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Build in Public, Share the Bloopers, Capture Early Value

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] The Creation of the Hook

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Why you might want to turn off YouTube comments

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Screen cap the knowledge work you're already doing

Highlight clipped from stream

[+] Companies of One Need Flywheels

How Gamers changed the Game for Indie Creatives

[+] The Pros and Cons of Video, Scrollytelling and Traditional Blogging

Highlight clipped from stream: WHY VSC WHEN YOU CAN VSC THIS STREAM INSTEAD

[+] A Brief Intro to Scrollytelling and my thoughts about mobile UX

Highlight clipped from stream: WHY VSC WHEN YOU CAN VSC THIS STREAM INSTEAD

[+] Upload Images to a NextJS Folder from anywhere on your Mac

And how to save the result to an easy to use string!

[+] How Daily Notes Interact with Projects in a Second Brain


[+] Search and Replace Multiple Occurrences in VSC + Obsidian


[+] Building The Outline for "Built on Stream" Blog Post


[+] VODs, Clips, and Improv

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Stream GitHub is Live


[+] The Carbon Cycle and Content Creation

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Find the Venn Diagram of What You Like and What You're Good At

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Auto Link Plugin for Obsidian

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] The Importance of a Business Model

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Creative Coding and why I love being a programmer

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Why These Tools? Why Self Hosting?

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] Excalidraw, Obsidian Plugins, The Look Im Going For

Highlight clipped from stream: TRUE OBSIDIANERS ONLY; THE SETUP (META)

[+] The Danger of Journaling IS Introspection

Too much introspection? Introspec-ception?

[+] Traversing Weekly Notes in Obsidian with Templater

And the tragedy of work weeks starting on Monday

[+] Gitting Git Commits For Your Work Journal


[+] Adding a CMS to this blog was the greatest thing I have ever done

CI/CD (the C stands for Content)

[+] Search Obsidian with an iOS Shortcut

Search Obsidian without opening the app? Yes please!

[+] Five Facts I Learned From Doing a Crossword Puzzle Yesterday

The shortest bible verse? What raw bean is poisonous? What is summer in French?

[+] How To Run WaveSurfer.js in NextJS

A WaveSurfer instance with play/pause functionality, plugins and iOS support

[+] Extending Jest in Typescript

And addressing the errors it causes!

[+] How To Add a Conditional To-Do List To A Daily Note in Obsidian

Programmatic todos in your Obsidian Daily Notes!

[+] I made a Skyrim mod that uses GPT-3 to create conversation, and Replica Studios AI as the voice

Using 2020's tech in a 2010's game

[+] When the AWS Bill Shows Up

A Collection on the Human Condition (and AWS)

[+] Why does tech do this to grownups

A shared delusion is still a delusion

[+] An Unhinged Rant about Social Media and Idea Graphs...Delivered in Graph Form

Ideas, Advertisers, and the Implicit Graph

[+] Uplift Desk Thoughts

5 Months In With An Uplift Desk

[+] Editing Means Writing Less

The Art of Writing Less and Saying Basically The Same Thing

[+] The Metaphysics of Retirement

A collection of ideas about retirement, and what happens after

[+] I moved to the X to escape Y

Are you moving somewhere better or just running away from your problems?

[+] DALL·E Badges 3D

Taking DALL·E generations to a higher dimension

[+] I love copy and paste

Never do the same work more than once

[+] Scarcity in itself isnt a bad thing

Eat when it makes sense, but also, fast when it makes sense.

[+] The Hardest Working Man in the WoW Streaming Space

An analysis into how top streamers do work, and what makes them so successful

[+] The Necromancy of Justification

Why its good to let old ideas die - Science Moves Forward One Funeral At a Time

[+] A website is living paper

Creative Developers are evolving the definition of what a website can be

[+] Why I use the Head of Leda everywhere

Short answer: I like it. Longer answer...

[+] I love listening to metalcore ballads

Narrative long form elements in heavy metal

[+] Investing in lighting did great things for my mental and physical health

Controlling lighting is an extremely powerful force on your daily life satisfaction

[+] Stenography's Competition

Stressing about competition is stupid when the only real competitor is time

[+] Three Other Ugly Things

Cleopatra aint the only non-beauty around these parts

[+] How to Blur Image Edges with CSS

Creating that vignette effect by using box-shadow in a clever way

[+] The Factoid Leveling Experience


[+] Ezra Miller has Cheat Codes Enabled

Ah shit, here we go again

[+] This is !important

Be wary of websites that are just slick designs, with no quality backing their offering

[+] Homo Bufferedius

It used to be that people knocked on your door, got no response, and went away. Now they’re effectively waiting in line when you come home.

[+] Reading is Hard

So many books to read, and so few books to finish

[+] On Smelling Good

Some practical tips to smell like a million bucks

[+] What is the psychology behind those who smurf on Hearthstone?

If you cant beat randomness, just beat worse players

[+] I Want to See A *Real* Horror Movie


[+] Cousins or Dating

haha, everyone says we look alike but i dont see it

[+] The direction I want to take this blog in

this blog is a home

[+] A few metal songs ive had on repeat lately

make metal great again!

[+] Making posting to my personal website as easy as tweeting

Kaneki: An experience in interaction design

[+] Introducing Kaneki

Hello from Obsidian!

[+] Dean Norris Tweets are Hilarious

American Dad IRL

[+] Social Performance vs High Performance

Two types of performance games, with two types of winners

[+] Escape Batch

Thinking in batches > Thinking. In. Batches.

[+] Hey DALL-E, Finish The Cat Drawing

Using DALL-E inpainting to finish the cat drawing.

[+] A List of Good Matts

While surely there are bad Matts out there (and ive met a few!!), these are not them.

[+] Untitled

An unfinished short story, written and edited in public

[+] I Wish Programming Were More Emotional

I wish others could feel the way programming pulls on my heartstrings

[+] My Favorite Blender Render Ive Created (To Date)

We say we want peace of mind when we really want peace from mind. - Naval Ravikant

[+] A Candid Interview with My AI Self

Taking self reflection to a whole new level

[+] A Few Things To Try With DALL·E

Lighting, perspective, variation chaining, and other tricks to try with DALL·E.

[+] I Became A Firebender Using Machine Learning

25% of the way to becoming the Avatar

[+] Turn YouTube videos into searchable text

Voila, now you can search through timestamped YouTube videos

[+] The Work of Creating A Reliable System to Write Less Code

Building a knowledge system to augment the development experience

[+] I Created an Augmented Reality Rapper

The hottest new rapper is a computer, the world is NOT ready

[+] I Transformed My Because the Internet Viynl Into An Augmented Reality Music Video

Watchin haters hate cause Brambino got the game locked

[+] I Invited All Of My Friends to my 27th Birthday Party

They all came too, it was awesome

[+] The Projects That Matter The Most To Me Are Small

The case for thinking smaller, while achieving more.

[+] How to Upload Cloudflare Images with Mac Automator

Its Cloudflare from your Finder!

[+] Using GPT-3 for Life Automation

Using the smartest machine to make the smartest habits

[+] How NOT to add a Youtube Player to VSC

Sometimes projects fall flat due to a higher power

[+] Using Mac Automator to Play Spotify when VSC is Opened

Taking programmer flow state to the next level

[+] Portfolio in the Style of the Kingdom Hearts Menu

A recreation of the Kingdom Hearts menu with my portfolio (desktop only).

[+] 80 Projects in (80 - 28) Weeks

A look back on how I created 80 unique projects in 2020.