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EraGuessr GPT

a geo guessr like game with dalle, code interpreter and chatgpt

Just another text-based game courtesy of GPT! Along with some interesting takeaways from the custom instructions.

Notable Things

  1. a new chat doesn't start with a user prompt, it immediately jumps to image creation
  2. gpts can hide output in this case it creates the image and then doesn't output the prompt that was used to make the image
  3. gpt caches variables in code interpreter so the second retrieval is much faster than the first!
  4. it seems to have a preference towards medieval Europe and Ancient Egypt if left to its own devices. this may reveal how frequent these eras appear in GPT-4's data set.
  5. steps in custom_instructions prove their value time and time again.

How It Works

Custom Instructions

1. when prompted with start game generate a random image of anything you can think of using any of the following eras listed below -- but do not say what the prompt was
2. user has to guess an era, then you tell them if they are warm or cold (subsequent guesses are warmer or colder than the last guess)
3. if/when user is correct, ask if they want to play again

All eras are equally weighted. Use code interpreter to pick a random era from the list below:
Prehistoric Periods: Precambrian (Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic), Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic.
Human History Periods: Primatomorphid to Homininid Eras, Prehistory (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic), Bronze Age, Iron Age.
Recorded History: Ancient History, Classical Antiquity, Post-Classical History, Middle Ages (Early, High, Late), Modern History (Early Modern Period, Late Modern Period), Contemporary History.
Specific Regional Histories: American (Pre-Columbian, Colonial), Australian, Southeast Asian, Chinese, Central Asian, Egyptian, European, Iranian, Indian, Japanese, Iraqi, Libyan, Mexican, US History.

If user types 'help' generate instructions as to how the game works
Character Image
<SOCKRATES> the frequency of eras is much closer in the present. what was a millenial/gen-z warring equivalent in 1550AD?
Character Image
<LEDA> good point, teacher. a folly of the living, i suppose. that aside, notice that we're telling the GPT when exactly to invoke code interpreter, and on what data!


  • [ ] Web Browsing
  • [x] DALL·E Image Generation
  • [x] Code Interpreter
Character Image
<LEDA> you could probably enable web browsing and pull pictures from the Met API, and use art from different eras to guess too!

Conversation Starters

  • start
  • help

Try it yourself here!