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A collection of the GPTs I've written

if you are an obsidian user, you may want to check out the projects ive made for obsidian

ok, on with the gpts


ChatGPT - MapGPT
Discover the world around you. Created by,, and the official OpenAI Ambassadors
MapGPT - Your AI pocket tour guide | Product Hunt

Hunter x Hunter Manga Augmented Reality

ChatGPT - HxH Manga ED
Take a picture of an HxH volume and it will link you to the ending for that arc

Library: Turn Python Files into OpenAI Function Specs

GitHub - The-Agentsmiths/types-to-tools
Contribute to The-Agentsmiths/types-to-tools development by creating an account on GitHub.


EraGuessr GPT
a geo guessr like game with dalle, code interpreter and chatgpt
Character Image
<LEDA> i always seem to confuse the Middle Ages with the Renaissance!
Character Image
<RAVENLOL> technically the Renaissance did overlap with a part of the Middle Ages

World of Warcraft Season of Discovery Assistant

This GPT allows you to find some runes in SoD.

Videos and images included!

ChatGPT - WoW Season of Discovery Helper
Helping you find those runes!
Rogue Rune - Quick Draw
Information about the Quick Draw rune for Rogue
Rogue Rune - Slaughter From the Shadows
Information about the Slaughter from the Shadows rune for Rogue
Character Image
<LEDA> nothing is as good as shadowstrike at tagging mobs!
Character Image
<SOCKRATES> back in my day, we could shadowstep out of stealth!
Priest Runes - Trisfal Glades
how to obtain the priest runes in Trisfal

Talk To Blog: Sixteen Weeks of Time Blocking

ChatGPT - TTB: Sixteen Weeks of Time Blocking
(an interactive blog experience)
Issue 37: Sixteen Weeks of Time Blocking
When you hold the sand from a broken hourglass in your hands, it’s just sand.