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Priest Runes - Trisfal Glades

how to obtain the priest runes in Trisfal

To get the runes in Trisfal Glades, you need the four hour meditation buffs. There are two ways to get the buffs:

  1. (more annoying, cumbersome) kneel at any graveyard in Trisfal, and after ~5 seconds you will get the Meditations on Undeath buff
  2. (easier) find another priest with buffs, and /kneel before them. When they /pray, you will get all of the meditation buffs they have.
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<LEDA> it's like communion!
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<SOCKRATES> or delivering religion across Azeroth on mission. praise Elune!

The runes in Trisfal are:

  • Void Plague - Afflicts the target with a disease that causes (* 39 / 100 * 6) Shadow damage over 18 sec
  • Homunculi - Break off splinters of your soul to animate 3 miniature copies of yourself that attempt to attack your current target with a mace, sword, and axe, reducing the attack speed, attack power, and armor respectively of any target they hit.
  • Shared Pain - Your Shadow Word: Pain now also afflicts up to 2 additional nearby targets within 15 yards.
getting one meditation buff from the graveyard
giving a full row of buffs to another priest
an example of a one buff cost rune
an example of a two buff cost rune