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Priest Runes - Trisfal Glades

how to obtain the priest runes in Trisfal

To get the runes in Trisfal Glades, you need the four hour meditation buffs. There are two ways to get the buffs:

  1. (more annoying, cumbersome) kneel at any graveyard in Trisfal, and after ~5 seconds you will get the Meditations on Undeath buff
  2. (easier) find another priest with buffs, and /kneel before them. When they /pray, you will get all of the meditation buffs they have.
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<LEDA> it's like communion!
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<SOCKRATES> or delivering religion across Azeroth on mission. praise Elune!

The runes in Trisfal are:

  • Void Plague - Afflicts the target with a disease that causes (* 39 / 100 * 6) Shadow damage over 18 sec
  • Homunculi - Break off splinters of your soul to animate 3 miniature copies of yourself that attempt to attack your current target with a mace, sword, and axe, reducing the attack speed, attack power, and armor respectively of any target they hit.
  • Shared Pain - Your Shadow Word: Pain now also afflicts up to 2 additional nearby targets within 15 yards.
getting one meditation buff from the graveyard
giving a full row of buffs to another priest
an example of a one buff cost rune
an example of a two buff cost rune

Rogue Rune - Quick Draw

Information about the Quick Draw rune for Rogue



What It Does

Draw your ranged weapon and fire a quick shot at an enemy, causing normal ranged weapon damage and reducing the target's movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. Awards 1 combo point.

Quick Draw benefits from all talents and effects that trigger from or modify Sinister Strike.

Undead Zone

Pickpocket mobs from across Trisfal for the four map pieces: gnolls, murlocs, crusaders, farmers
Put all four pieces together to get treasure map
Press map under the bridge to access rune

Rogue Rune - Slaughter From the Shadows

Information about the Slaughter from the Shadows rune for Rogue



What It Does

Reduces the Energy cost of your Backstab and Ambush abilities by 20.

Undead Zone

May 26 2023

my favorite album of 2023 dropped, conflict, drawn out battles, malicous aura


my album of the year already dropped <3 SLEEP TOKEN

favorite songs:

  1. ascenionism
  2. chokehold
  3. dywtlm

Raw Thoughts

Light (Death Note) died on my birthday!

Date of death
January 28, 2010 (2013 in anime)


I realized that when you only focus on the light and positive thinking … then it's like you're staring up at the sun without looking down to notice that you were standing in a pile of feces. Something smells bad, but as long as you stare at the light then all the bad will go away. And instead of cleaning up the poo you spray perfume (affirmations) all over it. (Location 112)
The Kore desired to experience a great story, and in a great story, whether comedy or tragedy, there are always struggle and obstacles and opposition. There are separation and reunion. (Location 185)
Godself Kink Let's return to a point mentioned in the Introduction: if the ancient wisdom of Vedas are correct and the whole universe is just God playing elaborate rounds of hide'n'seek with Godself, then God is a super-freak. We need only look around our planet to see that God's idea of a fun time includes some seriously edgy, ultra-taboo, hard-core stuff—including war and poverty and pain and ravaging and abuse and atrocities of all variety. (Location 448)

To Search for God is to insult God: 202212260027

most of us have grown up in a society that exalts wealth, and we have disowned and denied the other side of the polarity: a love of scarcity. In doing so we make our love of scarcity unconscious, and thus scarcity synchronously shows up in our lives, until we agree to consciously, deliberately, “insanely,” shamelessly love it. The Great Work involves making the unconscious, conscious and thus changing the locus of our agency and taking charge of our own fate. (Location 547)


Crazy drawn out battle between Xaryu vs the members of the Stormpike

Zohakuten Gets His Malicious Aura

In the Upper Moon meeting, Hantengu was the only demon who didn't get a malicious aura drawing around his body. (ep 1)

Cleverly, they gave it to Zohakuten! (ep 7)
example of malicious aura.png
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May 23 2023

guidance, more bridgerton, demon slayer art, and of course, purple


  1. playing WoW
  2. playing with Guidance library

more guidance! (the stream f'd)

resulted in a Twitch thank you bot!


🥲 "escape the heavens with me"

cool artistic breakdown of mist breathing

ever afters rise up!!


Raw Thoughts

Live streaming is a medium similar to a 1:n conversation. Flow is enforced by the camera, mistakes happen, and the results are always pretty novel. Live streaming is also unlike conversation because the streamer stays aware of the "performance gap", creating a new level of "self" awareness, similar to how observation changes the results of an experiment. is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

May 20 2023

The deadliest boss in Elden Ring, Git Submodules, Black Mirror WoW HC, Zoom Calls in 2033 will still suck, Patreon vs VC rant, a park that looks like a fish


stream from 05-19, here I tackle the addition of new submodules programmatically to my monorepo, and a drafting of the architecture of what projects make (or dont make) the cut

We've now entered reactions to reactions to reactions Black Mirror-esque Twitch content

People have to stop alt tabbing while they're playing hardcore lmao
Really excited to have my boss at home, I really want to see more of him


Advice: Dont treat patreon 5-10 dollars a month as being == to faceless organization 10 dollars a month (e.g. a WoW subscription or a Netflix subscription) -- when you subscribe to an individual you are literally helping small business. TBH it's kind of tragic that VC so heavily subsidizes Netflix subscriptions et al. to the $10 a month mark that forces consumers to compare the value of the entire catalogue on Netflix vs the work of one individual trying to make something. It follows that this is another great reason to buy your own domain and run your own website -- you get to accrete value to yourself instead of participating in the shared watering hole of someone else's company. Its just good business!!


This park kinda looks like a fish. Even the Google Maps pin looks like an eye!
austin fish park.png

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The OG

This DK Should've Serpentined


Serpentine Rickon, Serpentine!

Druid Names in WoW

  • pawsitive
  • impawsable
  • Unyin (sounds like onion or Union also represents Yang (un yin = opposite of yin))