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Notes on The History of Menswear

All about the history of menswear, from the Chinese ruling class wearing nail polish to the introduction of modern streetwear.

nail polish was worn by the ruling class, and pink was a derivative of red


clothes = protection and status


Pharaohs be dressin', upper class people tried to dress to match Pharaoh, lower class tried to match upper class


Frock coats most comfortable for horse riding in 1700s France


Lower class had yellow tinge to clothes


Beau Brummel was the first stylist -- wore clothes that fit him well


Menswear became minimal in 1900s to show that they worked in fields like banking, or something respectable and high status


young people introduce new style -> wear it till they die, new young people introduce new style cycle

  • King Edward the 8th was a status icon
  • 1930s (great depression) menswear code of conduct for tailored clothing (traditionalist)

mass production of clothing in WW2


men's fashion industry in ww2 took advertising tips from the auto industry

  • the 60s saw rebellion in the youth
  • Michael Fish made first genderbending clothing inspired by 1800s dandy clothes

Jean Paul Gotye SS85 show rebelled against standards used all sizes genders etc


Paris collections and Tokyo (Yamamoto) collections


realistic range of men on the runway, sparking intrigue instead of idealism


Gucci FW95 shiny suits, the expressive man with subtle sex appeal


helmut lang SS98 minimalism plus a strong statement piece -- brought males distressed denim


Raf Simmons SS98 angsty youth collection, graphics on hoodies were new in that era, normal today


a floating down the river model show -- flowing towards nothingness of mainstream seasonal clothing


rick owens sent models on stage with their penises out


celebrate the freak, create the creature


Watanabe SS06 heralded the start of streetwear, a collab of designer brands with cheap brands like Diekies


Kanye got a ton of young men into men's streetwear fashion


virgil abloh SS 2019 we are the world fashion show for inclusion -- full circle to dandy's of the 1800s + streetwear


fashion is too expensive and predatory; LV is at the head of the predation on status for men is a reader-supported published Zettelkasten. Both free and paid subscriptions are available. If you want to support my work, the best way is by taking out a paid subscription.

Notes on OpenAI Q&A Finetuning GPT-3 Vs Semantic Search - Which to Use, When, and Why

A great video about finetuning vs semantic search. Finetuning teaches a model to write new patterns, not to have a theory of mind.

Overall Thoughts

This is really great video; it was very thorough and had great analogies. I didn't know about the unfreezing of the partial model, that's a neat fact!

I've had many office hours with people coming with finetune related questions that I believe would be better off 99% of the time with semantic search and the Hypothetical Document Embeddings (HyDE) in the rarest of cases perhaps.

Notated Transcript


a history of transfer learning


long live NLU, rip NLP


fine tuning is tweaking a task


only similarity b/w finetuning is q/a search is that they both use embeddings at some point


fine tuning unfreezes part of a model -- does not stop confabulation (hallucination)


unfreezing an entire model is expensive af


models barf out patterns, they do not have a theory of mind or knowledge

bigger models are more convincing, but a largest model will never know itself (as an information store)


finetuning is way more difficult than prompt engineering (10,000x harder)


finetuning at scale is very hard -- how much do we share in alignment


cost of fine tuning goes up with more data -- needs constant retraining


instruct -> question + body of info -> is answer in here?


finetuning teaches model to write a new pattern


formulate -> research -> criticize -> answer


dewey decimal is indexing on a smaller set of data, compile all the relevant research and scale it

I Programmed a YouTube Clipper

Just to capture this goated moment on a Kripp vid

Are you on the guest list? x 3

It captures the current time from a YouTube share link and adds 5 seconds to the end time, subtracts 5 seconds from the start time.

Get it here ⬇️
GitHub - bramses/ytclip-10s

alfred ytc 5 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-15-21.png


I then wrapped it in an Alfred script to run whenever I type ytc
alfred ytc 1 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-34.png
alfred ytc 2 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-40.png
alfred ytc 3 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-48.png
alfred ytc 4 Screenshot 2023-02-07 00-11-55.png

The Arc of the NFL Salary

The average NFL salary is close to $2 million, but players were not always so well compensated. In fact, for much of football's history, players often worked secondary jobs in steel mills, on ranches or as salesmen to make ends meet. The only time a player takes a "second" job now is on TV in the hopes of getting a career once he has hung up his cleats. The high salaries were won through decades of battles with owners as well as due to football's ascension to the status of America's favorite sport. (View Highlight)

Wild, all my life I've associated national level sports with insanely high salaries, mega mansions, and god awful money management

Rival leagues often helped escalate salaries. In the 1960s, it was the AFL, followed by the WFL in the 1970s and the USFL in the 1980s. Salaries jumped due to bidding, including the famous John Brodie case where he was offered close to $750,000 to go to the AFL. He had been making $35,000 in the NFL. (View Highlight)

Game theory of salary increase happens outside the tech world of FAANG and startups too!

Notes on the Insane Biology of Dragonflies

What can we learn from the incredible biology of dragonflies?

most animals succeed at the hunt <60% of the time


a dragonfly is an odonate -- extinct ones had 70cm wingspans


dragonflies have muscles that directly connect to their wings


phased stroking is used for forward flight -- at 50km/h


dragonflies can fly backwards


pterostigma acts as a counterweight to flight


can see orange to ultraviolet


fly close to water for higher contrast for prey against a blue sky


dragonflies play tracking to predict prey


humans can learn interoception ^d31494


less oxygen, smaller animals


dinosaurs may have outcompeted larger dragonflies

On Coal Forests

Huge dragonflies lived off of higher O2 air content

Coal forests were the vast swathes of wetlands that covered much of the Earth's tropical land areas during the late Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) and Permian times.[1][2] As vegetable matter from these forests decayed, enormous deposits of peat accumulated, which later changed into coal.
Much of the carbon in the peat deposits produced by coal forests came from photosynthetic splitting of existing carbon dioxide, which released the accompanying split-off oxygen into the atmosphere. This process may have greatly increased the oxygen level, possibly as high as about 35%, making the air more easily breathable by animals with inefficient respiratory systems, as indicated by the size of Meganeura compared to modern dragonflies. (View Highlight)
big dragonfly for scale.png

Notes on The Michelangelo of Microsoft Excel

tatsuo horiuchi - 77 year old Microsoft Excel artist


the same thought behind Processing and generative art


So Good They Can't Ignore You type vibes -- are you wasting effort on something that's not useful to anyone?


its so hard to make money with art

Notes on What Even is Europe?

the romans failed to unite europe, the han succeeded in china to connect the country


EU has a different economic myth to Chinese (communism) and USA (capitalism)


the EU project has a goal to cooperate and avoid the imperialism eras of the past


when a european empire falls another quickly rises into its vacuum


self limiting natonalism came from Turkey in the 1920s


the holding hands episode at a funeral


russia destroyed reconciliation multiple times, which caused energy dependence issues on other countries (germany reliant on russia)


reconciliation is a promise b/w countries to prevent one from becoming an empire and dominating others


france is clinging on to empire (energy dependance on Africa and price setting wheat)


national cooperation for post imperial world with countries that europe has fucked the past few 100 years instead of trading mainly with china or the us

Notes On 'Feng Shui Does Makes Sense! The Basis of How to Plan Your Home for Comfort and Practicality'

think of moving through the house as circulation, certain areas are heavily used


think of the arteries of your home (the kitchen is the gravitational well of the home) and try to keep it open


consider the well trodden paths and the utility of the spaces you are linking by furniture use


don't want to put study room in bedroom if possible, but if you have a small space place it facing away from the bed