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im all in on arbitrage

Recently, I've been obsessed with arbitrage. I've leaned in fully to the trade compute/space for extra data equation. Basically, the algorithm works like this:

If the work you are doing can be considered to be deep,

then it must entail focus and difficulty.

This focus will likely put you in a flow state,

under which you are likely to miss the valuable moments (phrases, if you will) during the process.

To reclaim these moments, the solution is simple.

Record what you do, and extract the value later.

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<SOCKRATES> eudaemonia is consistently connected to flow states, as i feel at peace when i'm put in the dryer at medium-low heat

In Twitch streamer parlance, "farming a twitch stream for youtube videos".

In programmer parlance, "abstracting useful code into a open-source library".

In writer parlance, "summarizing books into blog posts".

The idea is not to do any extra work.

Here's some quick numbers:

  • OBS (software to screen record = free)
  • Webcam and Mic (built in = free)
  • The work you were already planning on doing (time cost = free)
  • NAS Storage ($150-$250) or Dropbox 2TB ($10/mo) or 2TB HDD (~$70)
  • An hour of screen recording at 1080p = 3–4.5 GB
  • Videos per stream 2+ (the stream itself, and a time lapse (20x speed of a 1 hour raw video = 3 min of fast and interesting b-roll footage)) + (any edited videos from inside the stream itself)
  • YouTube and Twitch (free to host (as long as you don't use too much copyright audio – I like to jam, unfortunately))
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<LEDA> its HARD to flow without music!
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<SOCKRATES> Music is a catalyst for flow. Some of mankind's earliest flow states were attached to rhythm, or poetic delivery (like my idol Homer)
  • the memories and nostalgia you get from watching your old videos (priceless)
  • the reflection and deliberate practice and becoming less awkward on camera and spaced repetition from studying your old videos (priceless + increase your earning power)
"farming" a stream for clips
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<LEDA> don't forget to farm omegaluls and twitch prime subs, too!